Trick of Leak Satta Number in satta king game for the users who like to play doing RAISE


According to this trick 8 Satta Number will not open including Kalyan Matka- Milan Night – Milan Mumbai – Milan Day.

What to do ?

You have to wait for MILAN and KALYAN. After open these both KALYAN & MILAN Satta Number you have to start satta king game from here. EX- If Kalyan matka Open is 1 and Milan Open is 2 then we have to play MILAN with these numbers only. But suppose this did not work and numbers did not passed and suppose Milan Close is 3 then Digits will be 1 2 3 . Now play Kalyan Close with 1 2 3 if passed then do not play more but if did not passed and Kalyan Close is 4 then play Milan Night with 1 2 3 4. This is the maximum probability. You have to remember here that you have to DOUBLE you Satta Number Bid here. These Digits will difinately pass but if did not passed then the number which was open and this 5 number i.e. 6 digit in Milan Night Close. And so on…..

Be Carefull – Till now maximum late always passed in Milan Night Close. whenever Kalyan / Milan day Open is same to same and in the day of saturday you should not play satta king game. and do not bid any number according to this trick.

Be Carefull – This trick is well researched since 6 months and did not failed even once. It is the most probable that in Milan Night Open if you play with 1 2 3 4 you should win this Satta king game. if did not passed and new leak Satta Number is 5 then play with 1 2 3 4 5 in Main. you have to double your Satta king game BID here. This will be Passed and Satta result will announce that you are winner of game.


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